At Bible Fellowship, we believe that building relationships is important. We know that Sunday mornings offer a great time for worship and the study of God’s Word, but we want to ensure that our people get a chance to connect with one another. Connection Groups are essentially small groups of people that meet in the homes of our church members throughout the city and in the Church. We have a variety of groups meeting at various times and locations so that you have the best opportunities possible to get connected.

Sundays @ 7pm – Group North
Leader: Jim Devlin 705.943-6004
12 Dixie Road, Aweres Twp
Group Format: Open

Mondays @ 9:30am   –   Moms & Tots
Leader: Natalie Derksen  705.989.7786
At the Church, 756 Landslide Rd. (Bsmt.)
Group Format: Moms with their young children

Mondays @ 7pm – College & Careers
Leader: Mark Saari 705.989.9726
179 Queensgate Blvd.
Group Format: Young Adults up to 25yrs.

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm   –   Sprouts Parents
Leader: Pastor Craig  705.943.1245
At the Church, 756 Landslide Rd.
Group Format: Parents of Sprouts

Wednesdays @ 7pm   –   Wednesdays in the Word
Leader: Peter Grey Sr.  705.542.1975
At the Church, 756 Landslide Rd. (Conference Rm.)
Group Format: Open 

Thursdays @ 7pm   –   Joy Connection
Leader: Kirsten Wilson  705.942.9121
304 Pim St.
Group Format: Open

Thursdays @ 7pm   –   Faith & Fitness
Leader: John Green  647.549.4855
At the Church, 756 Landslide Rd. (Bsmt. Range)
Group Format: Fitness Minded/Bible Focused (Age: Highschool+)

Thursdays @ 7:30pm   –   Young Adults
Leaders: Randy & Jane Beltramin  705.759.4559
Host: Russ & Steph Wright  705.759.4824
38 Windsor St.
Group Format: Young Adults

Fridays @ 1pm
Leader: George Farkas 705.975.4317
At the Church, 756 Landslide Rd. (Conference Rm.)
Group Format: Open